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Nick is the Founder of InfoSum and DataSift


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Using decentralised technology, InfoSum is revolutionising collaborative insight by joining thousands of currently siloed data sets.

Nick founded InfoSum in late 2015, with the mission to help companies collect and analyse disparate data sets - by completely re-imagining how you query a database. 


Rather than tech superpowers being the only companies with access to the reams of data needed to truly innovate, InfoSum believes that every company has the right to understand more about their customers by making the right connections.


InfoSum removes the commercial and regulatory risks associated with collaborative marketing. Its product portfolio enables companies to maximise their data confident that they are GDPR complaint and that their data remains in their complete control.


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Cognitive Logic DataBake generate large realistic dummy data sets

DataBake creates large realistic data sets to help during product testing and demos.


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Nick Halstead DataSift founder CEO CTO

DataSift is the leader of the Human Data Intelligence™

DataSift is the leader in Human Data Intelligence™


It provides state-of-the-art technology to empower organisations to capture, analyse and act on all types of Human Data (human-generated information - shared across social networks, blogs, news sites and inside businesses) in real-time - without compromising consumer trust.

Human Data Intelligence™ The fastest-growing type of data, covering the entire spectrum of human-generated information, shared across social networks, blogs, news sites and inside the business.

DataSift is the only company that provides state-of-the-art technology that allows you to capture, analyze and act on all the types of Human Data, without compromising consumer trust. We are the leader in Human Data Intelligence™.

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