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About Nick Halstead

Nick Halstead founder Cognitive Logic DataSift

Nick is widely acknowledged as having one of the smartest technical brains in software. Having invented the embedded Retweet button, something that is now ubiquitous on almost every website in the world, he went on to found DataSift, a venture backed (c $72 million to date) business that helps businesses create value from social data streams. While at DataSift, he served as CEO, CTO then again as CEO before stepping down from the rapidly growing organisation late last year to found InfoSum.

Nick Halstead TweetMeme Retweet button Twitter
Nick Halstead DataSift founder
Nick Halstead Facebook exclusive deal DataSift
Nick Halstead Twitter partnership DataSift founder
  • Launched Gaming on Sky Interactive Platform (Red Button)

  • Launched Tetris, Worms and many other major brands on the Sky platform

  • First to use Sky payment system to charge for games & offer prize money

Argonaut Software
  • Programmer on 5 games & producer of 4 titles

  • First game in world to use Dolby Surround Sound (King Arthurs World)

  • First 3D fighting game on a Console (FX Fighter)
  • Identified Twitter as a key data source in 2008 (when Twitter was still tiny) - built first demo of Twitter Link Aggregation over a weekend 

  • Launched in 2008 - and quickly built to 500,000 Monthly users

  • October 2008 - TC wrote "Is a Digg Killer" (turns out we were!) 

  • Company Founded October 2007

    • Raised £150,000 (and Founder also put in £200,000) 

    • Founded on principle that Consumers and Businesses both need content curated

    • Original product was a next generation RSS Aggregator called


Nick is a highly sought-after speaker and has presented at many events. If you'd like him to speak at yours get in touch.

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Nick is also the curator of DataScan, a weekly digest on the world of data science, privacy and security.

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