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Are we getting data wrong?

As more data breaches and unlawful data collections hit the news, it's no wonder people are reluctant to share their personal data.

Do you know where all your data is stored? Is the future sharing datasets through an open infrastructure? 🔍 Can sharing data improve healthcare? Or even cure cancer? 💭 What can people do better than machines? Has this changed since 1951? 🤖

A carefully curated summary of the top data-related news from the week:

Personal data

It was ruled this week that UK security agencies GCHQ and MI5 have been unlawfully collecting personal data for more than a decade - without telling anyone. 🕵

Are we heading towards a Facebook-esque government - where the default settings on the privacy of personal data are tweaked with little debate? 🤔 PROVOKING opinion piece. 🔍

UK patients are reluctant to share their personal medical data due to a lack of trust in how it's used 🙅 - "especially when the UK government seems to always be grasping for more power to learn about us and watch our activities" - which inadvertently stalls research and medical advances. 😟🏩

Website hosting service Weebly reported a data breach from eight months ago, which will affect 43 million customers and tens of millions of websites. 💀

The launch of GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre (the first government agency devoted solely to cyber security) seeks to defend the UK against cyberattacks ⚔ - whilst being honest and transparent with the public over how their personal data is being used. 🙌

Big data

Companies and government sectors collect more and more big data everyday, but is it even being used? 🤔 This 'dark' data can easily be forgotten about, which poses security risks to potentially sensitive information and costs businesses money. 💰

Nielsen are due to publicise sales of consumer packaged goods data - in order to encourage a data sharing culture and allow for more dynamic collaborations between buyers and sellers. 👏

Big data can improve healthcare - by joining data. 🏥 INTRIGUING idea - creating new resources for doctors, using social data to identify health issues, identifying high-risk patients for proactive help, ensuring cohesive patient records and streamlining hospital administrations.

Can big data also cure cancer? Lengthy but WORTHWHILE read - highlights they importance of health data being shared in order to make medical advancements, rather than being hoarded for individual corporate profits. 💼

A wireless data centre for sustainable computing 🔌🚫 - a green alternative to moving data centres to Scandinavia? ❄

Who will shape the future of the data society? 🔍 INTERESTING read - "It is time to have a broader conversation around not only the opening up and use of datasets, but also the making of data infrastructures". But is open data really open? 🤔


Give a 3D printer artificial intelligence, and watch what you'll get. 👍 The shown structure would cost $31,000 to build using traditional methods - but only $185 using an AI 3D printer - could this revolutionise the construction industry?

Forgotten your password? Mastercard lets you pay with a selfie. 😄 Will this kill off passwords within the next five years?

Gartner warns: DNA testing for jobs may be on its way(!). ☠ "Businesses, using this understanding about how some characteristics are genetically determined, may develop new interview methodologies and testing to help identify candidates predisposed to the traits they desire, such as leadership."

History corner:

What the Ancient Greeks can teach us about big data. 🙏 "The goal of big data projects remains the same as it was in ancient times: Make the data easily accessible by experts who are searching for the answers to today’s big questions."

What can people do better than machines? The view from 1951. THOUGHT PROVOKING final note..💭

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